Intensive Health Behavior & Lifestyle Treatment (IHBLT)

Looking for inspiring stories and practical solutions for your family? Enroll now to find out how plant-based eating can address pediatric weight concerns while also simplifying your grocery list and meal preparation.

🌱Watchful waiting is no longer recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. IHBLT can be a powerful tool in the fight against childhood obesity.  This eCourse shows how the plant-strong eating pattern can improve your child's weight status and promote their long term health. 

Discover how plant-based eating can boost a child's ability to self-regulate their intake despite social and emotional pressures.  The focus is on supporting a child in making healthier food choices, rather than a number on the scale.

The AAP has also recommended anti-obesity medicine and bariatric surgery for childhood obesity. Suddenly eating more plants does not seem so extreme!  The only side effect of plant-based eating is that your child will care more about factory farmed animals. 🐮 🐷🐥


[Note:  The AAP does not specifically endorse this eCourse.]

🤝No hassle money back guarantee if not completely happy with this eCourse.

Course curriculum

    1. Meet Doctor Herbivore

    2. The legal stuff

    3. Definitions

    4. Share about your family

    1. The modern problem of obesity

    2. Obesity is not due to gluttony nor sloth

    3. When to consider genetic testing for childhood obesity

    1. How to read food labels

    2. Changing a meal for weight loss

    3. Crowding out foods that are blocking goals

    4. Where did the fat go?

    5. Infusing a child with confidence

    6. Mindfulness for emotional self-efficacy

    7. Reflecting on social self-efficacy

    1. The worst word

    2. A homage to a man who ate one plant for an entire year

    3. But my child hates exercise

    4. Let's talk about eating disorders

    1. No need to be carb-phobic

    2. Even kids get high blood pressure

    3. Don't delay on these 5 issues

About this course

  • $376.00
  • 30 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Check out the Switch4Good podcast

Dr. Ettinger joins Olympian Dotsie Bausch and Actress/Activist Alexandra Paul for an in-depth discussion of childhood obesity.
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Instructor Bio

Leigh Ettinger, MD, MS, FAAP, ABOM

Even though Dr. Leigh Ettinger has been a pediatric kidney specialist since 2004 he did not learn about whole food, plant-based nutrition until 2014. Changes in his own eating yielded great results! He started to share the scientific evidence of the health benefits of the plant-based diet with his patients, community groups, nurses, and other doctors. He earned the eCornell Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition in 2016. In 2017 he joined the staff of his hospital’s pediatric weight management program with the goal of addressing the pediatric obesity epidemic with the plant-based diet. In 2019 he became a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. In 2021 he founded the Doctor Herbivore telehealth practice, which offers personalized plant-based guidance for families throughout New York and New Jersey as well as eCourses for others. Dr. Ettinger enjoys helping families successfully change course to a plant-strong path for their health, for the animals, for social justice, and for the environment. [post name initials are Medical Doctor, Master of Science, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Board of Obesity Medicine]